Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A little obsessed with San Diego Missions

I previously posted about my arrival here in SD and how I love being a native San Diegan, yadda yadda.... So I went to the other mission (yes there are two) and took more pictures. I'm not religious but I find old school mission style architecture so beautiful. The crisp white walls contrasted with warm Spanish tiles set against luscious gardens of palm trees and exotic flowers makes you feel a world away.
Here is the last of my series on the San Diego Missions. That's all for the history segment.

I took this picture of the cross on the top of the bell tower and my brother informed me an upside down cross is sacreligious. I tried to turn the photo upside down so as not to offend anyone but it didn't look right and then I realized that would be altering how I saw this picture go down in my mind, you know like art. So the upside down cross in the puddle stays as is.