Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Technicolor Dream World

So I've been out of commission this past month because my fancy lens on my fancy digital camera was not working. Fear not, the kind people at Nikon repaired it for me and it was under warranty so it all worked out.

I really missed being behind the camera though. I love the perspective it gives me when I'm out and about looking for something to shoot. It's like my mind goes into this automatic mode of positioning and re-positioning shots until I like what I see. But sometimes when you think your done shooting and you're about to walk away something tells you to stop and just shoot, no adjustments needed, and often that's when you get amazingly pure captured moments. I think this is also how most of us live our lives, positioning and re-positioning until things look or seam right. But sometimes we just need to BE, no adjustments needed.

These past few months have been a great opportunity for me to just BE and I have to admit it's been a dream...

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