Thursday, October 2, 2008

Erin & Bob - Half Moon Bay Ca.

So lately I've been thinking about how lucky I have been with all my weddings I've shot this year. In particular all of the couples have been so sweet and wonderful to work with. Erin and Bob are an especially sweet and lovely couple that got married in Half Moon Bay at the San Benito House in their beautiful garden area. Erin wore her mother's wedding dress that she made back in the 70's and it fit her perfectly! Not many brides would do that these days, but I could tell that it meant a lot to Erin and as well to her mother by the proud look she had every time she looked at her daughter.
Oh and her makeup was flawlessly done by the talented Jira at wow pretty. Ladies, I cannot stress the importance of make up applied professionally for your wedding. Erin is a natural beauty yes, but even those with natural beauty need help with make up if you are going to have your picture taken because digital images can be unforgiving especially with harsh flash. We have all seen those pictures of the stars caught without makeup. Pick someone who has experience with make up application for film and not just everyday wear. Just consider it. I promise they are harmless and will not make you look unnatural. They will just enhance your beauty for perfect pictures.

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Ruff Guides said...

Hey Michelle,

It's Erin. :) Thanks so much, I am so glad you could be there. We love our pictures.

- Erin