Friday, March 20, 2009

Jennifer & Kyle - Engaged

Finally we were able to make this engagement session happen! I'm not complaining about the weather here in California because I know there are plenty of other places that have it much worse, but SF weather can be pretty temperamental and it rained a lot this past month. So we caught a break and had a great afternoon exploring SF.
Jenny and Kyle were up for anything and didn't even question my weird requests like "Ok now I want you to squat in these bushes" or "Now we just have to jump this little wire fence and slide down this embankment". I just kept reminding them of the poor little models that have to suffer for the right shot. So by the time they slid down the rocky embankment (without shoes) with the wiping wind in their faces to get to the cliffs edge for our finale shot they for sure knew of the suffering that Kate Moss endures...minus the million dollar pay check.
I'm looking forward their wedding in sunny San Diego!

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