Thursday, January 17, 2008

I heart San Diego (sorry New York)

I'm back home in San Diego where it's almost 70 degrees and crystal clear most days. Were else would it be this nice in January? (no I did not touch up the sky it was really that blue today... ok maybe a little tweaking, but not one cloud!).

I'm back home because I'm taking time off from NY and the fashion industry. I am no longer going to pursue my fashion career but instead follow my heart to what really makes it sing. I have no regrets about leaving the fashion world and so far I haven't had that panic stricken "what in the hell are you doing Michelle" voice fill my head. Maybe because I've been through a massive change already (by moving to NY and pursuing fashion with a vengeance) or maybe because this is what I really should be doing with my life and therefore it FEELS natural. Feeling is the operative word her folks. We shouldn't go through life without feeling or knowing what makes our hearts sing. It just leads to numbness and then we will never be able to recognize what's not working in our lives and be able to do something about it.

Today I visited Old Town, a historic state park in San Diego. This is the birthplace of not only San Diego but of California. San Diego is the first permanent settlement in California, where father Juniper Serra decided to set up shop with the first of 21 Missions. What a claim to fame! I really do love being a native San Diegan. No matter how exciting and intoxicating I find NY, or adore SF, I heart San Diego. Hmmm, is it no coincidence I have come back to my roots to start my photography career? Maybe it has to do with finding that authentic FEELING that has been missing. It's about damn time.

Some beautiful wood carvings for sale in the plaza shops.

Some colorful Spanish influences and a scary metal dude...

...and of course some Lucha Libre wrestling masks just as the first settlers wore while they built their beautiful buildings.

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traci said...

what a beautiful post!

i love the colors.