Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Not...

I've decided to add a little segment to my photography blog to help brides out there who maybe be a little style challenged or to simply give inspiration. If you have your own specific style or if you want to go the traditional route, great! Go for it. But if you know you need help with fashion in general and want your uniqueness to shine through on your wedding day then tune into my Why Not posts for some friendly wedding fashion advice.
Before I became a wedding photographer I worked in fashion. I did pretty much everything including personal shopping in NYC. In addition to working in fashion I was brought up with the philosophy of image is everything. My mom would not let me leave the house if I didn't have matching socks on with my perfectly put together appropriate outfit. My mom has excellent taste and I am proud to say I inherited this from her. I can't deny my past career and inherent good taste so I've decided to incorporate it into my wedding photography.
It amazes me that the wedding industry as a whole still pushes brides to carry on antiquated wedding traditions without many options. We need to change the way we think how a modern day brides should look. I know there are many women who are not into the traditional look and don't know where to turn. Through my personal shopping experiences I discovered many women do not even know how to go about putting together an appropriate outfit that suits their personality. So, I'm going to start to give out advice as to how to achieve a more modern, chic and unique wedding day look for those who may be style challenged. If yards of tulle on your head is not really the look for you then these posts can help achieve the look you really want. Don't be afraid to look different.

The first installment deals with alternative jewelry options. Why not...

...wear unique pieces to make a simple dress a little more interesting? Pair any of these statement pieces with a strapless dress and you're on your way to becoming a chic bride in the 21st century. Hooray!

I found all these fun pieces on a website called Bag Borrow or Steal that lets you borrow jewelry, handbags, etc for either a day or a week. Remember Louise's borrowed LV handbag in Sex and the City movie? What a fantastic and cost effective idea for wedding jewelry.

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